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Browning Little Skeeters
$45.99 or 10-12/$49.99

Mini tube gauge reducers. If you have an older gun you would like to get back in the field these may be just the ticket. I have them in 10 to 12 gauge, 12 to 20 gauge, and 16 to 20 gauge. The 10-12 will fit in any 10 gauge. The 12-20 fits in all my guns with 2 5/8” chambers and about half of them with 2 ½” chambers. The 16-20 is good in 2 9/16” and 50/50 with 2 ½”. It seems to be in the forcing cone configuration, if it’s a long one they fit. They come 2 to a card and will work in any manual action but are best in single/double barrels.


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